Spade Flower Coated Canvas Cardholder


Published on: December 8, 2020
Modified on: June 14, 2021

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Description: you’ve seen our spade flower jacquard collection. this season, we partnered back up with limonta-a centuries-old family-owned textile mill in northern italy that’s been producing and experimenting with jacquards for over 100 years-to create our newest addition: coated canvas. together we’ve made something special. it’s durable, easy to wipe clean and will hold up when you have it rummaging around the bottom of your handbags with all your other things. here, we’ve used our new spade flower coated canvas on our cardholder-it has enough slots for your cards and i.d. and fits in your tiniest crossbody.

Spade Flower Coated Canvas Cardholder

SKU: K/PWR00088245

Colour: NATURAL MULTI138498